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and that is the truth because...

and that is the truth because.

"I'd Agree With You" Rustic Wall Decor Box Sign

I don't "agree" just to appease an argument. I need complete truth and balance, even if I am the one who is wrong. "I'd agree, but then we'd both be wrong.

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please stick to this dear santa :) This saying has good possibilities for a funny Christmas card.

14 Celebrity Quotes on Women and Equality | Her Campus

14 Celebrity Quotes on Women and Equality

where focus goes, energy flows... #howtoovercomefear

I live in fear. I live in fear of more abuse, i live in fear of my foster parents coming back and finding me. I live in fear everyday because of what happend to me as a kid.

I almost always have a full cup for my friends but not so much for the others

This is my cup of care. Oh, look, it's empty. Magnet Retro Humor Cup of Care by LulusFiveandDime on Etsy, Ideas

stupidity... I have to stop saying How stupid can you be. I think people are starting to take it as a challenge! #humor #lol

stupid people funny quotes quote lol funny quote funny quotes daffy duck humor<----I believe this is actually Donald Duck.