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Lego dalek by starwars98 on DeviantArt

Lego dalek by on DeviantArt

Lego Everything is Awesome Block Style Retro Wall Art Instant Downloadable Tabloid on Etsy, $13.33 AUD

Really cool everything is awesome wall poster to make a cool lego movie themed bedroom

Lego Repair Job.  Someone get me a sledgehammer and a box of legos.

Lego Street Art Around The World. This Lego street art works in two ways: one, it makes the grey and boring street more colourful, all the while repairing the crumbling street brick walls. So it’s basically a two-for-one Lego repair.

For any LEGO Fan it is the dream - A Certified LEGO Professional. Here at Brick Builders we have created everything you need to know about these elite few.

I don't care if I am a twelve year old girl! I will always love LEGOS!

we love our legos. we don’t love our legos all over. and we ESPECIALLY don’t love stepping on stray legos! so lets get those legos under CONTROL!!! Whether it be by color or works of art– a place for everything and everything in it’s place! source (i found these neat shelves here) source source source …

let's get organized...lego version

Wonderful shadow box cut-out filled with minfigs. This is a good idea for a DIY Lego storage container.

Awesome uses for LEGO you never thought of…Note the key ring/key holder idea

Awesome uses for LEGO you never thought of…

Awesome uses for LEGO you never thought of…Note the key ring/key holder idea Ugh and my luck to not be able to find the key ring anywhere

Use closet organizer with pull out drawers, or remove sides and part of front from dresser. Great for Lego projects, doll house floors, ongoing puzzles or craft projects! Amazing idea

{DIY} Lego Storage Solutions

What an amazing idea! However, I'm sure not a day would go by before all the drawers' contents would be mixed.it would take more time to organize it everyday. The Best DIY and Decor: Playmobil Drawer Storage for keeping everything set-up.

Easiest (and smallest) Lego tank

Easiest (and smallest) Lego tank

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