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Tall Birch - Topaz, by Bernard Katz

Hand blown art glass vase "Tall Birch" by Katz Glass Design.

German Glass artists Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, who made these amazing models in the 19th centurydolceVitas podium - intro Blaschka

Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka were a father and son partnership, originally from Bohemia. Their work making spectacular glass models of natural history objects began in in Germany.

Com espelho

Com espelho

Lots of pretty mandalas on this artist's page, although many of them are in rather garishly bright colors.

Art Mandalas: Golden Bejeweled Celtic Mandala Resonating with the Natural World of the Four Elements

Dale Chihuly Art Glass 16

mysleepykisser-with-feelings-hid: “ Dale Chihuly - glass art by edgoodfellow ”

Mosaico na Rede

Mosaico na Rede

David Patchen

Mixed Cane Foglio by David Patchen (Art Glass Vessel

In Mixed Cane Foglio David Patchen uses cane to create distinct stripes and windows. Patchen first creates a patchwork of short cane, which he fuses together before picking up on the blowpipe and encasing in clear glass.