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What's the Point of Moral Outrage? http://conscienhealth.org/2016/03/whats-the-point-of-moral-outrage/

Moral outrage is evident in politics and, if you look, in the tremendous bias that people with obesity face. Social scientists offer an explanation.

Dieting to be president. http://conscienhealth.org/2015/04/dieting-to-be-president/

Dieting to be president says nothing about a candidate's merits, but that doesn't stop the media analysis of Jeb Bush and his body image.

Move It! http://conscienhealth.org/2015/08/move-it/

First Lady Hosts Campout at White House

A Cure for Pervasive Bias. http://conscienhealth.org/2015/03/a-cure-for-pervasive-bias/

Top 10 tips and ways to improve your art with composition, design, color, etc.

Maybe Sitting Isn't Really the New Smoking http://conscienhealth.org/2017/03/new-research-rules-out-sitting-as-direct-cause-of-diabetes/

Jacob Martin sitting time my lil boy during his first week of sitting up by himself 560 March 2014 Some rights reserved

Small Weight Differences, Big Weight Bias http://conscienhealth.org/2016/09/weight-discrimination-without-excess-weight/

Weight Discrimination, Even Without Excess Weight - ConscienHealth

Obesity Challenges, But Doesn't Define Me http://conscienhealth.org/2016/12/obesity-challenges-but-doesnt-define-me/

Obesity Challenges Me, But It Doesn't Define Me - ConscienHealth

David Ludwig & Samuel Klein Debate Energy Balance http://conscienhealth.org/2016/06/energy-balance-physics-or-biology/

Energy Balance: Physics or Biology?

Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers Behaviour Issues - Let your Fussy Eaters Help Cook

New research raises a fascinating question: can kids help grownups eat better?

Microaggression in Obesity http://conscienhealth.org/2016/02/microaggression-in-obesity/

Perceptions of microaggression are creeping into conversations about fat acceptance, weight bias, and obesity because of dramatically divergent views.