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Do you like grey/black background? (Midnight purple ring)

Ethereal Rings Reveal Tiny Landscapes That Encapsulate the Beauty of Seasons in Resin - My Modern Met

Secret Wood

Made with fresh wood, jewelry resin, and beeswax, Canadian jewelry maker Secret Wood creates amazing worlds within the rings.

There is an extraordinary beauty in creating something you know is unique and unrepeatable. Whatever it is, you know that the thing you create is the only one that will ever be. Things are made special because of the small variations, flaws, and idiosyncrasies that--in some small way--may remind us of our own individuality. And in a world where everything, especially on the internet, eventually may get reproduced and re-manufactured, it's a breath of fresh air to see something completely…

Incredible One-Of-a-Kind Rings, Each With Their Own Tiny Little World

MIDNIGHT SNOWFALL is a ring made with dark wood, greyish jewellery resin. All our rings are handmade by Secret Wood exclusively.

Zombie - escalofriante no-muertos anillo con tres manos negras y la niebla en un anillo negro en resina del molde de GeschmeideUnterTeck en Etsy https://www.etsy.com/es/listing/251591669/zombie-escalofriante-no-muertos-anillo

Zombie creepy undead ring with three black hands emerging from the earth by GeschmeideUnterTeck, based in Germany and selling on Etsy

No matter how much jewelry you own, chances are that you don't own anything quite like this. Because these aren't normal rings. These rings contain secret worlds.

Miniature Worlds Inside Wooden Rings By Secret Wood

Underwater Forest: All our rings are handmade and unique. We use fresh wood, jewelry resin and beeswax.The rings are designed and made by Secret Wood exclusively. It takes weeks to make your ring, so please plan accordingly.

Harz Stacking Ring Silber Flocken Eiszapfen kleine facettierte Ring OOAK transparent weiß minimalistischen Schmuck von daimblond

Deep Purple Resin Ring Stacking Ring Silver Flakes Small Faceted Ring OOAK dark burgundy acai geometric jewelry rusteam on Etsy,

Çok güzel

Enamel Silver Unique Engagement Ring Customized Wedding Ring Gradient Purple Blue/ Grass Green Frozen Leaf with Holy Mysterious Pearl by Greemotion on Etsy