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The Audi 80 won the Car of the year award in 1973 with 114 points. Audi still just a parallel manufacturer to VW, launched its 80 in a.

Hillman Avenger - the epitome of beige boredom . shares this title with the Austin Allegro .

Hillman Avenger - My Mum had one of these. It was the first car I drove after passing my test. It had a manual screen washer pump next to the steering wheel. I think an electric pump was an optional extra.

1970 Audi 100 Coupe S

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Audi 100S coupe

In a way, you can call this the Audi GTO. Just as John Delorean had to develop the Pontiac GTO in secret in order to prevent GM from interfe.

Audi 50 (1974)

Audi Audi’s “supermini” from the preceded the nearly identical (but cheaper) first generation Volkswagen Polo by six months. The Polo vastly outsold the a decision was taken that.

1972 Audi GL. By now, that vinyl top has made it a convertible, but ... still super cool.

Co-owner of this famous Audi (although with and without these tourists)

Doch unter seiner Haube steckten verborgene Werte: Der Audi 80 befruchtete den Golf GTI, trug zur Rettung der Konzernschwester VW bei, und die Quattros ließen sich direkt auf das Modell 80 zurückführen.

Oldtimer: Die Qualitäten des Audi 80 lauern im Verborgenen - Bilder & Fotos - WELT

Audi 100 C2 | Cool Cars Wallpaper

Audi 100 wallpapers - Free pictures of Audi 100 for your desktop. HD wallpaper for backgrounds Audi 100 car tuning Audi 100 and concept car Audi 100 wallpapers.

i.wheelsage.org pictures a audi 80_gt audi_80_gt_2.jpeg

i.wheelsage.org pictures a audi 80_gt audi_80_gt_2.jpeg



1972 Audi 100 ls, I had one, same color, fun car to drive.

1972 Audi 100 ls, I had one, same color, fun car to drive.