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A man pulled a knife on me and asked, "Would you die for your friends and family?" I laughed as I pulled my gun from my pocket and said, "No, but I"d kill for them!


Ronald Reagan Quotation Poster

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Fools, liberals carry guns too. We don't condone rape, and sure as hell don't coddle rapists. Otherwise, we'd be embracing trump and Moore.

Liberal vs Conservative anti-rape tips. I'd prefer the Conservative option, personally.

There you have it.!!!!!!!

I don’t need a gun .I have never needed a gun .I hope I never need a gun . And in all likelihood, I will never need a gun .

Guns Mini-Tutorial: Techniques by PhiTuS on DeviantArt

MORE INFO: Poor trigger discipline in Pulp Fiction: The Mozambique Drill in Collateral& you should keep your distance: Modern Technique of the Pistol: Another reason why you should keep your dis.

Denying me the right to have a gun is denying me the right to protect myself from people who wish to do me physical harm. If we lose or give up the RIGHT to protect ourselves. We open the door to lose ALL of our RIGHTS!

Why I fully support and love our second amendment rights, and why i will carry. Also I like my pink gun

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Not fact checked.The Dick Act of 1902 also known as the Efficiency of Militia Bill H. of June 1902 invalidates all so-called gun-control laws

Prepared is the only option!

"Teach your Daughter to shoot. because a restraining order is just a piece of paper.ain't that the truth. My baby girl will never learn how I did

Holy smokes what a failure. How's that gun control working for you, Obama? Wake up America!

Holy smokes what a failure. How's that gun control working for you, Obama? Wake up America! Bill Clinton to Hillary Clinton mass shootings combined, if Hillary takes office for America is massive shootings.