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The accessibility of photographic technology has increased tremendously over the last few years. But it’s mostly used to create everyday pictures in.


SHADOW Patterns created by shadows appear on cut-and-sew jersey. Natural florals and botanical motifs are particularly key, as the imagination looks to the leafy shadows cast by long summer days.

Fabrice Bouquet - Beauty and fashion Photographer

Fabrice Bouquet - Beauty and fashion Photographer. Beautiful interplay of form and shadow. Lots of exquisite commercial still life photographs.

Edge Reps//

I like how the light hits the cup because looking down you don’t see the pattern on the glass but because of how the light hits the cup and how the shadow is positioned you see the pattern

COPPI BARBIERI.  Glass.  Shadows.  Still Life. Black & White.  Texture.

I like how the angle that the light was placed makes an elongated shadow that has a lot of contrast.

Minimalist urban photography from the series "Who want sky". The image shows a detail shot of architecture in front of a blue sky.

Minimalist photography of urban architecture and shapes by Matthieu Venot. Matthieu Venot is a self taught photographer from Brest in Brittany, France.

BAturay İSkender: REPLİK...

Definitely a Fata place idea Stephen Emerson, Ireland: This group of trees known locally as ‘the dark hedges’ are thought to be around 300 years old. They are reputedly haunted by a ‘Grey lady’ and form an arc over the road.