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~La vía de la música~

Musical Freeway, Los Angeles, California is this treble clef road design real or just photo art ,


This is so true. Common time is great, easy. Cut time is your death.

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These words are so true! 21 Beautiful Reflections About Music From Legendary Musicians.

an eye for music

this photo reminds me of how I see music through my eyes. I like how the piano is in the eye and how the music notes are incorporated on her skin.

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How Laughter Works: 25 Hilariously Awesome Marching Band Memes

As a former band student, I used to play Flute [i still do but just at home], I had three section leaders since we were the biggest woodwind section, one of them is nice but tired a lot, one is between nice and funny and tired, and the other one was plain on mean, so ya and my friend threw up on the mean one and my friend straight up told me "well she's a bitch so she deserves it" I died laughing

I can agree as section leader for a year, and drum major for two, this is the truth!

Cause all of my friends are leaving soon To find them, themselves another round But I'll be here in this stranger's room Just for now Yeah, I'll stick with hell no's and headphones

It's not just music. It's my life. It's what has gotten me through so much bullshit in life. People say "its just music" my response is "It's so much more than that. It's a way of life. It's a religion. It's everything." << music is my religion