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GASP. #DoctorWho but... When did he develop it? I don't think we ever saw him actually develop it this time.

The red setting. I was so confused when his screwdriver was red!

11's with Amy, Rory, & River.... Not crying, not crying....

Even Matt wanted 11 to be a happy family man again! Rory, Amy & RIVER, especially like the part of him "more importantly" being with River! I am freaking out about the River part.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Seriously one of my favorite scenes from the fiftieth

Staying cool

Matt Smith being adorable. In order to be the doctor: Use the word Wellllll. Combined with the Matt Smith effect (see photo above). Run around yelling DALEKS. Your Doctor lesson for beginners is complete.


This really does break my heart, cause you tend to forget that the Doctor was a dad once. And then you realized that he had a wife and kids, and he destroyed Gallifrey. Doctor Who punctures your heart, people.

Seriously, if Rory didn't exist. Amy and the Doctor would've been perfect.

Guys, I LOLed for real. This is one of fhe most disturbingly funny things ever hahaha

This is the meanest thing to do to a drunk person, but they will learn a great lesson on why not to drink so much.:

Don't Drunk Text a DOCTOR WHO Fan

Excuse the language. It's what you get for drunk texting a Whovian. I hope this person spent all night walking around graveyards all night looking for the TARDIS