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References, Semi-Realistic Troll Horn Tutorial - use snaps to pin horns to wig!

yaexrae: “ I know there are a kajillion of horn tutorials out there already, but I ended up using a method to make my horns that I haven’t seen written about yet. So just in case you guys are curious,.

THIS IS LEAUX — Making the Warhammer of Zillyhoo

Overview on making the Warhammer of Zillyhoo: The business-end of Zillyhoo is basically hollow, wooden boxes. I used some PVC pipe for the handle, and for the back, I made the base shape out of.

Terezi's cane tutorial. I definitely need this for th1s y34r. G3nd3r-B3nt T3r3z1. (Gender-Bent Terezi)

Terezi's Walking Cane Tutorial So this is my first ever tutorial for my second ever cosplay, Terezi Pyrope. I apologize beforehand if my method seems downright awkward and/or shitty.

former cartoonist, died in an awful tiger tragedy - God Tier Aradia Wing Tutorial

God Tier Aradia Wing Tutorial

God Tier Aradia Wing Tutorial Technically, this tutorial can be used for Vriska’s wings also. Or even just regular fairy wings.

Edible Chalk Recipe, I have no idea who made this, but excuse everything about this! lol    Lmao wouldn't this be perfect for a Terezi cosplay?

EATABLE TEREZI CHALK zombieanalinvader asked you: Hey bro I have a recipe for some sweet edible chalk if you’re interested. I used it for my Terezi cosplay and it was pretty popular among the.

Rydia's Homestuck Horn Making Tutorial

Rydia's Homestuck Horn Making Tutorial

Roxy's dress tutorial by major-marjoram

Roxy’s Purple Dress ~ A TUTORIAL Hello everyone~ Now, I’ve seen a lot of people around wondering how to go about making Roxy’s purple “update dress”… So I thought I’d share my.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/176804671/4oz-creative-paper-clay-air-dry-modeling

ANOTHER TROLL HORN TUTORIAL(Picture Obese) I know there are a lot of horn tutorials out there, but a bunch of people asked me about my horns at Otakon, so I decided to whip a tutorial in case anyone.

e n d u r e & s u r v i v e, Pogo Hammer Tutorial

e n d u r e & s u r v i v e, Pogo Hammer Tutorial

Jade Harley (God Tier) Ahhh this looks so fakeeee~ Look at this perfection ; v ;

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