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Whew!  Good to know!

The importance of Clarity - Septic tanks pumped, Swimming pools filled, not same truck

YES!! I love this. I look at my sister and i just always see her as that little girl i have to take care of. <3

sister quotes Anna Marie look familiar :)

You do remember thin don't you?

Best and Funny Friendship Quotes . Only for best friends

Sisters and friends, through thick and thin

Strong women

11 Powerful Quotes For Your Motivational Board

My life motto. I hear,"you are stronger than i am, I could never do what you are doing." All of the time. But then i say,"what choice do i have?" You would be surprised the things you can make it through when you have no choice but to

Sisters ❤  I have 7 sisters. I love them very much.  Three are waiting in Heaven, one by birth still here on earth, two my brothers chose, and 1 by marriage.

My sister is one of the gentlest, kindest people I have ever known. She's my little sister, and now that I'm older, I realize how much I learn from her about a lot of things. I love you, Kerry go Round : )

For Rhonda from me.  For Bailey and Hannah to each other.

You and I are sisters always remember that if you fall, I will pick you up.As soon as I finish laughing. Haha need to send to my sis!

Sister Note Card Notecard for Your Sister by KatherineMariacaArt

My Sister, My Best friend, My other half. Love you sis!

We're Gonna be really cool little ole ladies sign wood

We're Gonna be really cool little ole ladies sign by trimblecrafts. Remember our talks about being best friends till we were old ladies, lol!

"Among wolves, no matter how sick, no matter how cornered, no matter how alone, afraid or weakened, the wolf will continue. The hallmark of the wild nature is that it goes on." Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women who run with the wolves

Lady and wolf blended in same painting.