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<b>berserker</b> more norse quotes <b>berserker</b> warrior vikings norse viking ...

<b>berserker</b> more norse quotes <b>berserker</b> warrior vikings norse viking .

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Celtic Wolf // Protect your - Honor the - Teach the young - Be loyal to your friend - Voice your opinion - Stand your ground - Take charge when others show weakness - Play when you can - Work when you must - Always leave your mark.

While she was

While he was dreaming fairlytales, I was fighting my demons.

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I am both, the Sheepdog & the Wolf. I will be the one standing guard while my friends and family sleep at night.

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I just like this wolf - and the truth of the story

Inside each of us are two wolves. One is evil. Which wolf wins? The one you feed most.


Never fuck with me or mine and we'll be just fine.Definition of mine just so it's known: GodCountryFamily fellow Americans. I put me at the last because I just might excuse your stupidity when it comes to me.


Nordic Yggdrasil Tree… For all you Norwegians, Danes,& Swedes out there with Viking ancestors.


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That's true the tiger and the lion may be more powerful. But the WOLF does not perform in the circus. So that's why I prefer to be the lonely wolf of these story.

○Hold  your head high and look the world straight in the eye.

Wolfs love them > so true> Love wolves - wise beyond their years Truth is in the eyes