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Holiday Squat-A-Thon- ill be doing this for December but doing combo squats/kettlebell swings.

Image result for 30 day BEGINNER WORKOUT challenge

Image result for 30 day BEGINNER WORKOUT challenge

30 day challenge- Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups, Lunges

5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Started Running

30 day workout challenge is the effort to do when you want to have your perfect body shape. You can select the proper workout plan based on the genders and workout goals.

Printable Squat Challenge | POPSUGAR Celebrity

This Challenge Will Give You a Better Butt in Just 30 Days

Your tush needs some lovin', so try this four-week squat challenge! Learn techniques of each different squat included in this circuit, and then put them to the test with this printable plan.

At home total body circut

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30 Day Butt Challenge by shusha

30 Day Bum Fitness Challenge Chart I could do this, but would it make my bum bigger or smaller?

Back on pointe

Thigh Work Out. One of the biggest problem areas us girls have is our thighs. Here is a quick workout to get you on the right track to get those thighs working!

Wake up Workout

Feel sluggish when you get out of bed in the morning? Try this short warm up to energize you for your day! Bonus points if you put on some upbeat music as well! I'm liking this for a morning warm up


5 Minute Plank - 30 Day Challenge - How hard can it be. Day 1 done, ten seconds of planking. Feel the burn.

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15 Mins a Day, 30 Day Hourglass Figure Workout Plan – Lose Belly Fat, Lose Weight And It Has Focus of Anti Aging too! You don’t need to spend Long Hours in Gym to get Hourglass Figure and Fight Aging and to Lose Weight.