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And they're cheaper.

This sure sounds nice, doesn't it? Fact is, I buy used books because I'm a cheapskate. The notes and underlining I find inside them is just a bonus.

book love

These are confessions and/or thoughts of a book lover, bibliophile, book addict, reader, lover of.

I can think of no one I'd really love to meet except politicians and authors.


So true! When I first met my favorite author, I wondered why it was such easy access. I figured they would be like any other celebrity with security and all that. (Authors other than JK Rowling I mean.

and breakfast, and lunch, and when I was supposed to be doing homework, and sleeping, and didn't leave my bedroom until I finished the entire series...Its called the Hunger Games.

Best book-eating story ever, harry potter and the goblet of fire. I took mine to a crowded local dive bar with the BEST BURGERS.

Bookfessions Reading is my life. It is my escape. It makes me feel more alive and more like myself than anything else in the world.