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"I've heard this makes your hair gro faster, which I am currently trying to grow my hair out and it is taking forever and I have heard it is great for color treated hair." I'm considering tying the no shampoo route.

Natural "no-'poo" friendly deep conditioners (no oils!) For those of us who don't use harsh, chemical-filled shampoos, and thus would have a hard time washing coconut oil out of our hair.

no-‘poo friendly deep conditioners (no oils!)

no-'poo friendly deep conditioners (no oils!) [Note to self: just coating my hands with almond, coconut, or olive oil and then finger combing my hair for a few minutes is the quickest way to condition my no 'poo hair.

I have greatly reduced my chemical exposure. Because I am working on healing my autoimmune diseases, I am trying really hard to eliminate toxins. I have never really used a lot of toxic things in my home

About the "No Poo" Hair Cleansing Method. Instead of using shampoo, mix baking and water in a spray bottle and use.

Anyone tried this? What can i use for a sub to vinegar? And will it help my hair grow? Im considering this and need all the advice i can get :) it would be greatly appreciated!

Shampoo: 1 TBS baking soda + 1 cup of water in a squirt bottle I apply this only to the roots. Conditioner: 2 TBS apple cider vinegar + 1 cup of water in a spray bottle I liberally apply this to the rest of my hair, avoiding the roots

common no-'poo questions this blog is flipin fantastic

no-‘poo troubleshooting & common questions

Common no-'poo questions - a thorough problem-solving guide to washing hair without shampoo.not sure about the baking soda all the time.the ph is to strong.delute the acv more.

Styling Products for No Poo Hair - TheNoPooMethod.com

Styling products for no poo hair. DIY recipes for hairspray, gel, beach waves, and more.

Thinking of quitting shampoo? Here are 10 tips for going no-poo.

10 Tips for Going No-Poo

How do you find success ditching commercial hair products? Here are the top 10 tips for going no-poo.

Pinner: I have been washing my hair without shampoo (No Poo) for almost 2 years. It makes your hair grow super fast, you only have to wash every 4 days (seriously), and hair is soft, shiny, and managable - oh yeah, and no more fall-out!

Never Shampoo Again! How to Wash Your Hair Using the No Poo Method

Use baking soda (shampoo) and vinegar (conditioner) to maintain your hair's natural oil balance. Shampoo less! It makes your hair grow super fast and helps keep hair fall-out to a minimum.

the ultimate no-'poo troubleshooting guide (& with common questions)

no-‘poo troubleshooting & common questions

the ultimate no-'poo troubleshooting guide (& with common questions) . I'm already no poo (have been for 9 months) but this will help me step up my game :)