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Need to pose on the famous zebra crossing! :D

visit abbey road and recreate the beatles cover.i just want to visit abbey road

Visit the Titanic ruins.

This one is probably the most unrealistic one because I would be terrified to get in a submarine. But it would be absolutely amazing to do!

:) diamonds are a girls best friend....tiffany, cartier, tacori, doesn't matter:)

DONE! Own Something From Tiffany & Co. -- My engagement ring is from Tiffany & Co. and we also have a Tiffany & Co.

only i would be amazed and terrified at the same time.

Nah ill pass rather watch the movie cry a little then be in a small submarine as claustrophobic as I am I will die in there

haha i need this

Love heels but just can't walk in them that well. Heels not so much!

#271-Propose to a stranger with a ring pop. Because this is awesome and I want someone to do it to me. :D xD

Propose to a stranger with a ring pop. If ever I could have a ring pop at the right moment that would be nice.


Kiss my love on the big screen at a game - KISS CAM! Seriously though I always wonder what happens if they put you on the kiss cam and you don't know the person next to you.

Every girls secret

Bucket list ❤ awww but it would have be from my grandson Jonas I would love this that would be the best on here :) my bucket list !

Bucket list!! Like them all expect live by the beach!! I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH BUT NOT LIVE THERE!

Own a nice camera- check! See a shooting star- Check! Live near the beach- check!

I am positive that I will graduate college!

thing on my bucket list is to graduate college & make a better life for me & my family. This is definitely a big deal on my bucket list & I can't wait to see where my life is going to take me once I finish school :)