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Enough said.

1911 - An Outdated Design very well said. 1911 the best there is.

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Some say the 1911 is the best pistol in the world.

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I'm taking my son to dinner then scouts, but try me anyway if you can. I should be here on and off but I WILL be here after 7 :-) I love you sweethart

beautiful is hard to should out of but if its going to b fun the hell with it

jetpack-johnny: “diary-of-a-book-mongering-fiend: “steampunktendencies: ““The White & Black Knights” 1911 Autos by Mike Dubber Engraving Studio ” These guns are pretty! O,O ” oh yeah ”

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Colt 1911 Government Issue, circa - i was taking this thing apart to the last pin before i could learn to drive.