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magicalnaturetour: “ Playing games: Photo by Photographer Sandris Grivins :) ”

Paul Cyr photography, Aroostook County, Maine

The Lisbon Reporter: Now Here's One Foxy Momma: From Our Friend Paul Cyr Photography

_MG_1592 - Sleeping red fox kit. ©Jerry Mercier | Flickr - Photo Sharing! So endearing!

This baby red fox is taking a nap right next to the entrance to its den.

omg, his little hands are over his head. Cute!

animals cute nature wildlife fox foxes red fox fox in snow

The African WildCat With Its Behavior And Characteristics

The African WildCat With Its Behavior And Characteristics

paul goldstein lion cub climbs on its mother maasai mara kenya

Fox In The Rain xpost from rpics   poor thing...he looks sad

sad fox caught in the rain, her mascara is running.

fox at back door.  wish I had such a beautiful, wild, wise back-door friend.

a pinner shares: " Fox on the back porch-Welcome my friend! We have fox running around our lake house all night long .love it


not me, we!

You stupid girl

Thank's mom for the dinner - Mom red fox with the kit

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oecologia: “ A Day In The Life Of Ethiopian Wolves: Quality Time With Dad. “ “Every member of Ethiopian wolf packs pitch in to help raise the young pups including the alpha male who is no stranger to.

What does the fox say?

he doesn't say ring ding ding?

I still want a pet fox!

Must find a lil' fox cub to love. Foxes are kits. Not cubs.

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Following a Scent Trail Over  the Ice | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Probably a duck was there first. Or maybe a female fox. Where the fox is walking is usually thick soft mud.

Three bat-eared fox cubs (Otocyon megalotis) watch inquisitively from the entrance to their burrow, ready to disappear at any sign of danger, Mashatu Game Reserve, Tuli Block, Botswana.

the bat-eared fox - proof that God has a sense of humor