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lickystickypickywe: “ Live Broadcast By German photographer Frank Kunert who uses miniature building and photography to create his Kleinen Welten (“Small Worlds” ” Not sure about other countries, but.

We all love a good pun. Their simplistic humor has the ability to put a smile on our face. The below cute, pun-filled illustrations were created by talented artist Lim Heng Swee (a.

Flight departure platform... ... See all of Frank Kunerts miniature-scenes-with-a-twist: http://www.justfollowthewhiterabbit.com

Small Worlds: Strange & Shocking Miniature City Scenes by Frank Kunert

♥ Pipi Turner Miniatures ♥:  Working door

Le grand livre de la maison miniature, The big book of a miniature house, Léa Frisoni, Pipi Turner,

Courts by Ward Roberts - love the colours!

These pastel-toned photographs by Ward Roberts are what dreams are made of. His skillful lens captured the beauty of several courts that were originally built one with sole pur…

THE TURN, MIDDLE TURN, TURN END (Peter Adlington, 1960s)

The design of the interior is a very important aspect of a sacred space, and the addition of colors such as red blue and beige add to the homey vibe of the space.

such a cool design book Forest of typographic design: ECO MESSAGE