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[KusaMuko from the middle] Desunotsuirogu 4 Anime Pictures original Death Note L(Lawliet) papaer letters candy(lolli pop) coffee confetti negatives

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The feels, the spoilers (not really a spoiler for me, but yeah) Death Note Wtf! No spoilers!

Really surprised me at how awesome this show really is! Loving it. Haven't chosen a side yet. But they are both awesome.

Now this is how it should happen! L is just like 'Hey Kira!" and then Light turns and says back "Ya, what?" and then L knows who Kira actually is!

L and Capoeira 1 by Myrrha-Silvenia.deviantart.com on

-------------- First of a little capoeira serie I did for fun. -------------- For more capoeira & L stuff, c. L and Capoeira 1

Kogitsunemaru from Touken Ranbu

Kogitsunemaru from Touken Ranbu