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This came to my mind at 3 a.m last night idek (Had to draw it)

I like how they included Chloe in the picture

I laughed so hard at this. Not because all of them in a their akumatized selves are in the same class. It's the fact that, even though she was akumatized once and turned into Antibug, Chloé is exactly the same as she usually is 😂😂

I love this :3 it's finally someone other than Marinette that is broken! Hehe!

miyukey-arts: “ “The real marichat” Plagg likes Marinette - this is my headcanon, I just dunno why. And there was an idea on deviantart (by QuckStarBlossom): Plagg have a crush on Marinette. She is clueless and gives him all the love. Adrien is.