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Fixin To!

I'm fixin' to. Go get dress, go to the store, go get my hair done, cook some grits, we always fixin ' to because we have something cold to drink before.ONLY IN TEXAS

Thank your lucky stars

I thank God everyday that I was born and raised in the Lone Star State.


Lone Star State, Southern, Roof Tiles

We gonna have words if you keep bashing on my team!

signing Sidney to a 12 year contract and losing Talbot yep emotionally attached lol!

Texas heat wave, smeat wave- we eat 'em for breakfast!

You know you're a Texan when: The whole country is going through a heat wave and the Texas weather doesn't feel different at all.

You know you are a Texan when....

Clothes for folks who live in a Texas state of mind. Printed and shipped from deep in the heart of Texas, these clothes are tough, just like our great state.

Yep -- it never goes away when you come from there!

I Love Texas, College Station, Texas. likes · talking about this. "I Love Texas" is all about the Great State of Texas and why we love her! "Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an.

In victory you deserve champagne, in defeat you need it

Inspirational quotes

In Victory You Deserve Champagne In Defeat You Need It! tony conigliaro « the selby

Your not a Texan unless you were born and bred in our hot state

"I'm from Texas and I don't keep calm" There's your warning crazy peeps

there is a certain happiness in being silly and ridiculous

this is exactly the way me, mom, and Jennie live.there is ALOT of happiness in it.life is short.be silly.have fun.laugh SO loud!

Not only do REAL women watch football, they cuss the HELL out of the players and refs!!!

Funny Sports Ecard: Not only do REAL women watch football, they cuss the HELL out of the players and refs! Heck yes! :) Go Redskins!

We've all felt this way!

Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: Interrupt my stitch count again, and you will be stabbed. with a crochet hook. in the face. very hard.