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Revealed: The shocking video images which show the cruelty behind the Armys bearskin hats - THIS IS A CRY FOR HELP

In southern Nepal, villagers gather each year to provide offerings to the goddess Gadhimai. This religious festival is celebrated for two days in the village of Bariyapur where thousands of bears are slaughtered for sacrifice.

Chinese Woman Travels 1,500 Miles And Pays $1,100 To Save 100 Dogs From Dog-Eating Festival

Chinese Woman Travels 1,500 Miles And Pays $1,100 To Save 100 Dogs From Dog-Eating Festival

i think its fucked up what they do in china & other asian countries to dogs and cats, but its sweet people like this who change the world. faith in humanity restored

Stop animal cruelty NOW!!! Puppy mills, whale killing, slaughter houses, poaching. Please stop and take a moment to realize God didn't just create Earth for us, but for animals also.

"Earth was created for all life, not just human life." -- Anthony Douglas Williams, Inside the Divine Pattern. ❤❤❤ Truer words were never spoken!

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Infographic: Animal Sentience At A Glance

Did you know that chickens are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex? Learn more fascinating facts about some of your favorite animals!

"If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion." ~Noam Chomsky ~`*`~ Humans are masters of illusion. We hide the horror of slaughter out of site, present the mutilated, decaying flesh of abused and terrified  beings as cleaned-up, processed "meat," and we portray the world's suffering as entirely separate from the choices we make in our own comfortable, catered lives. Life, after all, is much more comfortable when we deny our own complicity to embrace ignorance and illusion.

"Compassionate vegan" means compassion for animals, but also for the children who need that bowl of grain to survive.

Vegan. I despise the whole farming and slaughter process. Despite this, I do support "humane" efforts because the animals are treated slightly better before they are loaded for slaughter. ------- I wish that instead of trying to make something that is so un-ethical ethical people would instead focus on changing their diets to vegan. I believe that vegan is the only way to live a kind and kill free life. <3

I don't understand how this mass murdering of animals are still tolerated in our "civilized" world? Please give an "animal free" diet a chance.

This is so horrible! The hard truth of what people eat.

The hard truth of what people eat. Dairy is scary. Meat is murder. {Please go Vegan}. Animal equality - Animal welfare - Animal rights - Compassion over cruelty

“Humane Slaughter,” “Ethical Hunting” Both Oxymoronic

“Humane Slaughter,” “Ethical Hunting” Both Oxymoronic