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Top 10 Leaving Work On Friday Memes

Top 10 Leaving Work On Friday Memes or Leaving School

This pops up in my "suggested posts" feed from Pinterest - which I thought I shut down. Way to go! The 1800s of the internet called and wants its joke back. Way to stay on top of things. *sigh*

Calling in sick today.

Leaving work on Friday Lol! ;D !!

Leaving work on Friday Lol!

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Haha so me when I come home from my barista job and see all the clerical stuff that needs done for 4 season's!


Don't worry ladies we are almost to the weekend, hang in there!

My feet have felt that more than once!

Meme We're gonna be short staffed today. So, if you could just go ahead and do the work of that would be great.

not only is it Friday and i get to spend the weekend with my little family it's payday & commission xXx


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Quote: If showing up in a robe and tiara with a box of wine is wrong, then maybe I don't fully comprehend how Casual Friday actually works.

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