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Diy chicken feeder out of pop bottle - why can't I come up with awesome ideas like this? Thank God for Pinterest...

DIY bird feeders

So we got some new chicks – So, to whip up some cheap feeders…I’ve given up on floor based feeders, they, being chickens, walk through and fill the containers with sawdust instan…

Home made feeders and waters. Very handy for west fair! Soo  doing this. Will defiantly help to keep the poultry cages clean.

DIY bird feeders

Here is a neat little feeder for your baby chicken. This DIY Plastic Bottle Chick Feeder is made from two plastic bottles, another great way to repurpose those

For grit and oyster shell

I have several pairs of old boots to build something like this ! our chickens are going to love this ! They're all talking about it right now !I want the boots tho for me not chicken feeders!

Cost of owning chickens - can't wait to show this to the hub so I can convince him I NEED chickens!

Backyard Chicken Costs (Infographic) The actual costs & profits of raising urban backyard chickens will surprise you! The price of chicken feed and bedding is nowhere near what you can get from the eggs, manure and compost material!

Got a feeder waiting for installation... and got the little red bowl for the water but I'll be putting mine on a food-safe water-barrel.

Got a feeder waiting for installation. and got the little red bowl for the water but I'll be putting mine on a food-safe water-barrel.

Chicken feeder...great idea, could use a small container, like a bucket from the hardware store

Easy Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken feeder - by placing a cone inside the can it pushes the food to the sides making it easier for the chickens (Chicken Houses Ideas)

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Here's the Chicken Coop Checklist to end all Chicken Coop Checklists. VIA Mom With a Prep Check out Best of the Web: How to Build a Chicken Coop MORE: Chicken Coop Tips from This Old House Chicken Coop Plan from The Tangled Nest