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The Communist Pianist [2000 x 1000] - The Abandoned Sanatorium - Grabowsee

The Communist Pianist x - The Abandoned Sanatorium - Grabowsee

From out of the forgotten ruins comes a tree of life.. no known location given here

Nature colonizes everything. Abandoned library with tree. I would love to have a thing of nature in a library it just seem so cool. I mean you can read your book on the tree! Even though it's abandoned that would be awesome.

Abandoned casino in Constanta, Romania, on the Black Sea. It's been empty since the Communist era (built in 1905).

Abandoned casino in Constanta, Romania, on the Black Sea - empty since the Communist era - built in 1905

our aquatic earth

incredible and unique shaped windows on this abandoned green house/conservatory

Can't believe this is abandoned! Great wood detail.

How Beautiful! Amazing woodwork, this place is a treasure trove just in the woodwork alone, but it's abandoned .Check out and like Ginas new artist page guys. Theres tonnes of amazing photos on there :D

Weiß jemand, wo dieses verlassene #Schloss steht?

LOOK - DANVILLE HAUNTED HOUSE! Haunted House on Millionaire's Row, Danville, Virginia - In Charles M. Sublett built this dream house for his bride Jennie. High Victorian Gothic style, it is historically significant, but nevertheless in ruins.

Von Trapp Family Church Vermont.

Trapp Family Church on the grounds of the Trapp Family Lodge, Vermont. Situated on acres in beautiful Stowe, Vermont, the Trapp Family Lodge is a mountain resort in the European tradition. Photo by Iminfocus

Abandoned Victorian glass house

Most little girls dream of white picket fences, this had always been my dream. So beautiful - Abandoned Victorian glass house - what a cool greenhouse this would make!

Kasteel Van Mesen ... destroyed and rebuilt many times, it originated in the early 17th century.

Beauty of decay Castle england abandoned castle Abandoned Castel of Messines chapel in Lede, East Flanders, Belgium.

Pripyat Chernobyl

Funny pictures about Creepy Photos of Abandoned Amusement Parks. Oh, and cool pics about Creepy Photos of Abandoned Amusement Parks. Also, Creepy Photos of Abandoned Amusement Parks.

love this.. iw ould so live here and pretend i was a witch to all the kids near my

Maison de Sorcière, France, looks a little creepy.It also looks like just the house for a witch.

Old church in the wildwood.

Abandoned Old West Amusement Park Adirondack Park album. I know this says it was an amusement park, but it looks like an old church to me.