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I don't think I can complete anyone. Driving someone insane sounds doable.

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I will totally judge you based on your choice of breakfast cereal you unfrosted weirdo.

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I talk an awful lot of smack for someone who tips over when putting on their underwear.

Lasted 3 hours and 12 minutes

I dont mean to brag but.I finished my 14 day diet in 3 hours and 12 minutes.


For those bad days.I have no words to describe this day. I do, however, have a ton of obscene gestures.

I don't think I get enough credit for what I've gone through and all that I keep going through unmedicated. Super woman doesn't have anything on me.

I don't think I get enough credit for the fact that I do all of this unmedicated. Super woman ain't got nothin on me!

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Image result for monday coffee meme


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funny quote based on how i react when toast pops out, i will never look cool walking away from an explosion. so me

See this Instagram photo by @el_raphael_hudson • 52 likes ~ This is so awesome...love it.

Especially when bitches keep sticking their nose where it doesn't belong and making shit up. Grow up, get a life, and get the fuck out! You fat pathetic fuck hahahaha stick to your yo yo he still doesn’t want you or love you 😂😂😂 truth hurts hey

Some days lol

SO TRUE! But the sad thing is that my life is boring and I realize how bad it is.