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Polar bear watching a whaling crew off shore near Barrow, Alaska. Polar bears were declared as a threatened species in Polar bears must be protected because of the decline in Arctic sea ice.

Cute wild baby animals Lion mother and cubs Bears - Cute wild baby animals With Mama Owl


Salt's Vault of Unspoken Truths and Undeniable Faults: My Life Post Everest

Awww. Asheboro Zoo! I want to go back one day because it's such a huge zoo and I didn't get to go through all of it.

Baby & Polar Bear (by Official San Diego Zoo) No freakin' way! that kid is wearing a mauer shirt!

AWWW so sweet

Beauty & the Beasts: 20 Animals Who Love Flowers

Three things I love in one picture. Polar Bears, Flowers, and the color purple.

"Polar Bear Family at Sunset" - photo by Tin Man / 500px

'Polar Bear Family at Sunset' - photo by Tin Man, via Barter Island, Alaska

Yoga....downward bear

No bears for oil

By two-thirds of the world’s polar bears will have vanished, as a result of global warming melting their icy habitat, according to scientists at the U.

The Bear Boogie | Cutest Paw

"I dreamed I was a dancing bear, and I was doing my dancing where the bears dance, and I was sneezing. 'Cause I was a dancing polar bear, and it was freezing.