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Welcome to reality...

welcome to the mortal instruments series, where relationships are confusing and genetics don't matter

Tell em Willy! #studentdebt #dreamsnotdebt #debtgradingthedream <-- Please RT this new punny hastag

Tell em Willy! <-- Please RT this new punny hastag

Hockey fans

So true. WE discussed quiet hours on my floor and it hit me that hockey starts in October and I am a loud hockey fan. I'm a little worried about quiet hours now.

Oh, student debt...

Oh, student debt.

Dollar for Dollar... - Wait just ran out!

Dollar for Dollar. - Wait just ran out!

I love the way Arthur levels the sword at him like "If you were so help me...." xD

I love the fact that Arthur thinks that Merlin has no life besides him. Do you know where Merlin is?" "You should look under my bed. He'll be there.

i dont know about you but im feeling 862. queen of rhymes. looking good there. lets see if we can make this go viral. magnus bane. cassandra clare. tid. tmi. the infernal devices. the mortal instruments. warlock. meme. video. model. taylor swift pun. singer. song. 22.

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