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Moebius, pilot: at the controls of a mechanical duck, by artist & illustrator Moebius. via el pais

Jean 'Moebius' Giraud

RIP French comics artist, illustrator and movie concept artist Jean Giraud, more commonly known by his pen name, Moebius. I was saddened to learn that Giraud died today, March at the age of


Jean Giraud, an enduring figure in European comics whose fantasy and sci-fi work — which he signed with his alias, Moebius — deeply infl.

line work by Moebius

A warm homage, and introduction to, the work of the late great illustrator Jean Giraud, a.a Moebius (my hero back to the

Jared illustrations tageszeitung_aug_2012

What a playful piece from Jared Illustrations. When I was a kid I used to love drawing things like this. A very well executed illustration.