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WIRED f x Sailor Moon Collaboration Watch

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Disney heroines re-imagined as Sailor Moon characters

Funny pictures about Disney heroines as Sailor Moon characters. Oh, and cool pics about Disney heroines as Sailor Moon characters. Also, Disney heroines as Sailor Moon characters.

Sailor Moon Kills Tuxedo Mask, then herself. Sad and romantic and totally Romeo and Juliet, which pisses me off.

This scene was shown in a "Romeo & Juliet" kind of manner. Sailor Moon kills Endymion, and then, herself (this is also a proof that some animes/mangas aren't for children).

“Sailor Disney Princesses“, a series of illustrations by Drachea Rannak

Sailor Princess – The Disney Princesses as Sailor Moon characters

Disney Heroines Re-Imagined As Sailor Moon Characters Two of my favorite animations.princesses and sailor scouts! aawww i love these.

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Uji Bedding is releasing Sailor Moon bedding merchandise like pillow cases, blankets, bed sheets.