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Mexican Caribbean sea - Underwater Photo so colorful

Red Rose Anemones, Carmel, California These are sea anenomies in Carmel Bay, California. Photograph by: Vance Taitano..

Red Rose Anemones, Carmel, California These are sea anenomies in Carmel Bay, California. Photograph by: Vance Taitano.

Sea Anemone Ocean Kids Craft. Perfect craft for kids when learning about the ocean or after exploring tide pools.

Sea Anemone Ocean Kids Craft

Perfect ocean craft for kids or after exploring tide pools.

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Bright Pink Sea Anemones at the Oklahoma Aquarium Photo by BrettMorrison

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Epicystis crucifer (flower anemone) green and gold color morph. A native Floridian sea anemone species that demonstrates morphologic variations in nearly every color of the rainbow, 10 cm in diameter

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Sea Anemones - A group of water-dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria; they are named after the anemone, a terrestrial flower.

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Facial First-Timers: What You Need To Know - The Pretty Pimple

plant-like sea animal

Goniopora coral aka 'flower pot coral' is an LPS coral

Finnish-born illustrator Kustaa Saksi builds fantastical worlds of playful, paradoxical, and troubling yet inviting shapes, environments, and psychedelic atmospheres. Kustaa’s artworks combine organic qualities with uniquely detailed textures and energetic color palettes. His clients include Nike, Sony Playstation, Vespa, Swarovski, AT&T, Microsoft, Nissan, Levi’s, Nokia, Adidas, Lacoste, and Issey Miyake. Kustaa’s work has been exhibited worldwide including at the Victoria & Albert Museum…

Merivuokko linen fabric by Marimekko, designed by Kustaa Saksi.

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The Strawberry anemone is an Anthozoan of the order Actiniaria, a sea anemone, that occurs from Norway to Africa, including adjacent islands and the Mediterranean. It is generally found on rocks of the lower shoreline and depths up to metres.

Sea Anemones, Sea Anemone Pictures, Sea Anemone Facts - National ...

Sea Anemones, Sea Anemone Pictures, Sea Anemone Facts - National ...

Underwater closeup shot of a fish-eating anemone by R. Aaron Raymond

Anemone Voluptuous Anemone Archival Fine Art Print by RAaronRaymond on Etsy

Edwardsiella andrillae is a newly discovered sea anemone which lives upside down, burrowing into the underside of the ice shelf in Antarctia and extending its tentacles into the frigid water like a flower on a ceiling. by #Anemone #Edwardsiella_andrillae #Antarctica

In an underwater image, Edwardsiella andrillae anemones protrude from the bottom surface of the Ross Ice Shelf. Image credit: Frank Rack / ANDRILL Science Management Office, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Sea Anemone Mushroom ~ We tend to think that pretty much all fungi came out of God's adolescent goth phase. Sure, some mushrooms look cute and taste good on pizza, but many of them look more like the dog-beast from The Thing.

10 Creepy Plants That Shouldn't Exist

We spend a lot of time here at Cracked pointing out horrors of nature that slither on the land and lurch through the sea. But staying under the radar in nature's landscape of nightmares is the twisted carnival of things that grow out of the ground.

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anemone tentacles blue or black encased in yellow or apple green and etched?