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Thursday is evil.

The typical workweek.oh yes I'll have to figure out in days how long I've worked at my job and put it up in my cube Held hostage 445 days. Yes my boss has a sense of humour

A funny little read. Got to love living in Australia. - it's still a spider as big as your goddamned HAND!!!

Funny pictures about The only thing in Australia that won't kill you. Oh, and cool pics about The only thing in Australia that won't kill you. Also, The only thing in Australia that won't kill you.

Being an adult

After giving it a lot of thought // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - So true!


Funny pictures about Very close to death. Oh, and cool pics about Very close to death. Also, Very close to death.

For people who are sarcastic to the point where they can't even tell if they're kidding, or just a bitch.

When I saw this I thought of Syndrome from Incredibles. I thinking along the lines of, so you would marry Syndrome? Like, didn't he die? Why would this be a relatable thing people would pin? Anyway, I thought that was funny.

it's o.k. if you don't agree with me I can't force you to be right.

Some people don't know the truth even if it hits them. For those people, get the It's Ok If You Disagree With Me, I Can't Force You To Be Right T-shirt.

Need to remember this when I am talking to idiots in "customer service".

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When I get old, my kids had better watch out. Payback is a.