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True for any part of the space sciences!

my husband works at NASA and i can state that this is totally true.

Most likely what people think about Americans...

Oh my gosh! I don't know why people ask if anyone in England had had tea with the queen. No one over here thinks that Americans have McDonald's with Obama.

Looks like the Captain found a new Doctor. Firefly and Doctor Who

Matt Smith and Nathan Fillion. If Doctor Who ever regenerates as an American, Nathan Fillion is surely in line.

I should not have clicked on this while proctoring an exam.  Cant... control... giggles...

Classroom Punishment…

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A bunch of burn outs.

Jim Gaffigan is the best! "Have you tried the hot pocket hot pocket? It's a hot pocket filled with a hot pocket. Tastes just like a hot pocket.

Christopher J. Ferguson; STS-115, STS-126, STS-135

Astronaut Chris Ferguson invited to speak at SpaceUp Houston!

Jean-Luc Picard against the use of desperate memes with obscure backgrounds. :D

Humor: feeling like you have no one to talk to? (Probably because you are sitting in an empty parking lot!

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I want a drone now! Lol The most frightening prank // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

not a hero, just a doctor never cruel or cowardly, there to help, never gives up

We need heroes who fix things, who come to help, and who have "extra heart". not heroes who blow up stuff and surprise themselves on the rare occasions that they feel for someone else.

The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary

The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" Anniversary. Also Matt's shocked and appalled face is adorable.

The Beatles were HILARIOUS. Fact.

It turns out The Beatles had hilariously sarcastic senses of humor [20 pictures]

Interviewing The Beatles. I'm dying xD "do you think ringo is the best drummer in the world?" " he's not even the best drummer in the beatles"

Amazing! More technology in a game boy than to land on the moon in 1969.

More technology in a game boy than to land on the moon in

"An address to the golden door I was strumming on a stone again Pulling teeth from the pimps of gore when hatched A tragic opera in my mind... And it told of a new design In which every soul is duty bound To uphold all the statues of boredom therein lies The fatal flaw of the red age." -The Shins

I'm not sayings it's aliens but. it's aliens. Always aliens.