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I cant...

Lol I can't even 😂😂

I will use this!

How to deal with telemarketers. It would be fun to do something crazy like this to tick them off

What has Disneyland come to...

What has Disneyland come to...

Hahahahaha I really have to go disneyland. i hafta see darth vader and his balloon, not to mention peter pan is awesome.

Tangled fan

My cousin has twin sons named Flynn and Ryder and I said "your sons names are Flynn. and Ryder." thinking it was just a coincidence and she looked at me kind of ashamed and whispered "I just really like Tangled"

I dont know what board to put this on, so imma say i relate

This was by far the best Yahoo Answers question I have ever read.but my gosh that Jane is a horrible person!

I almost always win when I play. Partially cause I play against people who suck.

Got Any Carrots?

"Yoo-hoo big summer blow out!" Best use of Frozen in a knock-knock joke ever!

Oh my gosh, this is so adorable. Hahaha

The batman: saving Gotham via chocolate milk. Thank you, the batman.