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IMAGI and Sandmartin establish online stores to sell apparel under "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" brand

Obviously its a zebra! The type is used in different pt sizes to create different shapez.

Pinner said: I like this idea it's very creative, lots of detail has gone into this image. Very clever how they have used the word zebra for the stripes of the zebra. I think you could draw all sorts of things using this concept

In The Simpsons's  episode "The Great Louse Detective" several attempts are made on Homer's life and The Simpson family has to figure-out why. When it's reveled that it's their mechanic, his name and reason are both reveled. As it turns-out his name is Frank Grimes Junior and he's the son of Frank Grimes (Homer's deceased enemy). Jr. wanted revenge on Homer for being the reason and the cause of his dad's death. Jr. was an illegitimate child, who's father tended to really like hookers.

, better known as Junior, is the son of Frank Grimes and an enemy of Homer Simpson, as he was the indirect cause of his father's death.