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I have acutely been holding this picture since Carolina and I sit there everyday ( like everyday) and think about when we did stuff like this and it just made me the happiest person in the world and I just want to say I love you and I can't wait to be back home :)

Never defy the Lion!Quinn I’m dammit in love with Lion! Thanks FierceZucchini. All night long to do this, OMG. I sketched all the images during th. Faberry Never defy the Lion Quinn

OH MY GOD OUR SCHOOL HANDED THESE OUT YESTERDAY<------ what omg they are so luck omg I hate them for being so lucky lol just kdding I wish I got one from my school

Taylor Swift Time Magazine Interview: Claims She Has No Female Role Models In Music Industry - Making More Enemies!

Me everyday

Now whenever I hear song from the red tour, that's the only way I can picture it