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Manga Selfportrait, 2vmbo, Corlaer College Nijkerk

Manga Selfportrait, 2vmbo, Corlaer College Nijkerk

GAVEN PSlenDy的照片 - 微相册@vitaxiangshang采集到二次元-美男(703图)_花瓣

Me uhh~ no no I like girl- alright you got me." Axel is in a poly-amours relationship with his boyfriend Darren and their girlfriend Raven. He is best friends with Sally who actually got him in the relationship with Darren

Name: Han Sayake Height: 6'3 Weight: 128 Occupation: college student;riding on a track scholarship Facts: sayake is the child of Han Jumin. Her mother is unknown. She has devoted her life to sports, and is very determined to become a track star. While she does tend to act like her father in the sense of her lack of emotion response to anything, or that she doesn't understand how to handle SAID emotions, she can be very competitive. Loves the family pet, Elizabeth the 4th, and is learning…

Trường Học Couple [ Ngưng tuyển ] - Lại là A2 + A3

Senna siteva: 14 years old, and a complete badass at sports. She loves running the most and jumping into actiom

Hiragana Chart Part 1 ver. 2 by TreacherousChevalier.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is the second, more updated version of the Hiragana Chart. The first can be found here: [link] In this version, I corrected some errors in the layo. Hiragana Chart Part 1 ver.

K-ON!: College Manga

BackAbout K-ON!: College Manga Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi embark on their…