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Ukraine's Mutant Spider: Was the giant spider a product of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant disaster?  Image credit: canstockphoto.

A giant mutant spider terrorized Ukraine. This creature could well have been a result of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant disaster from a few years previously.

Holy Moly - it's an elephant slide!!!

destroyed-and-abandoned: “ An abandoned elephant slide inside the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Photograph by David McMillan ”

Chernobyl Pictures Before and After | Before and after the Holocaust. How Chernobyl changed in 25 years

A combination of images, taken in 1982 and on February shows before and after view of the abandoned city of Prypiat near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Enjoy this experience on your next Chernobyl tour to Ukraine and book now ☢ [ ] ☢

Not fun, but radiation ~` Chernobyl nuclear disaster 1986 `~

On 26 April 1986 at 0145 a. nuclear reactor number four at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, near Pripyat in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, exploded. Further explosions

Abandoned Prypiat, Ghost Town Near Chernobyl

Abandoned Prypiat, Ghost Town Near Chernobyl, Ukraine

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The distant village of Kodinhi, Kerala has a secret. Not a particularly hidden secret, mind you—it’s actually pretty hard to miss. The village’s claim to fame is the abnormal amount of twins born there. Kodinhi only has around 2,000 families, yet there are 250 sets of twins officially registered there. In fact, there could be many more—experts estimate there could be as many as 350 sets of twins in the area. It gets stranger. It is estimated that the number of twins born in the village is…

Village Kodinhi, Kerala has 250 twins of 2000 family population. The number rate is increasing every year.

Morten Viskum -Norwegian artist who uses cadaver hands for paintbrush    Google Image Result for http://gfx.dagbladet.no/pub/artikkel/5/53/537/537986/hXnda503_384_1213271175_1213271191.jpg

Artist Morten Viskum paints with dead hands

Controversial artist Morten Viskum finger paints with the severed hands of the dead.