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A good man can make you feel sexy fitness workout exercise workout motivation exercise motivation funny work out quotes exercise quotes 》》》 the second part should be in bolder font lol

This makes me think of my husband..because he's the only person who would click like lol.

But they work. Burpees light, burpees with a clap push up, burpees clap push up and then jump up to a chin up sets of 15 of these and I'm Hating life but love the results. What ever kind just dare to take on the burpee.

Love it!

Awesome t-shirt! and i would wear it because it's funny, not because i did something ridiculous like work out.

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#OnTrack Motivation - Good #nutrition helps your #exercise #workout.

Abs are made in the kitchen! So very true! This is where patience comes in. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but 3 minute ab workouts won't give you abs. It's all in the diet along with proper ab workouts!

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Aint nobody got time for fat fitness workout exercise workout motivation exercise motivation fitness quote fitness quotes workout quote workout quotes exercise quotes food#

I'd rather be fit over skinny any day of the week.

"Skinny girls look good naked. Fit girls look good naked. Girls look good naked.

Motivational Fitness Quote - Motivational Quotes: 18 Fitness Quotes to Inspire You to Work Harder - Shape Magazine

25 Fitspirational Quotes Guaranteed to Make You Work Out Harder

Fitspirational Quote to Motivate Your Workout - Motivational Quotes: 18 Fitness Quotes to Inspire You to Work Harder - Shape Magazine

Tired of hearing "eat what you want your skinny enough".... I'm trying to gain weight the healthy way :)

Hate when people tell me I don't need to lose weight or diet. I'm not trying to lose weight. I LIKE HEALTHY FOODS! "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle" :)

Chantal and Lisa ....thought of you with this one lol !!!!!

Shock by Jill Greenberg. © Jill Greenberg - "End Times" Series

Create a lifestyle than you can live with....  And one that doesn't include a cheat meal every day. We are what we eat and our body will only last as long as we treat it well. Excuses don't count when your body  fails.

Create a good lifestyle! It won't stick if you can't live with it. that is why diets don't work. Eat healthier, be active, find a balance that works.

Top 15 Motivational Fitness Quotes guaranteed to inspire you. Discover powerful, rare and inspirational training, gym and fitness quotes.

” People Who Say It Cannot Be Done Should Not Interrupt Those Who Are Doing It ” ~ Sports Quote-- i totally agree! Some people just gotta shut up

Enjoy your body. Use it every way you can. Don't be afraid of it or of what other people think of it.

“Enjoy your body, use it every way you can. Don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it, it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own.

Training for a half marathon.

fit quote: dead last finish is greater than did not finish, which trumps did not start.