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This is Firepaw and Bluestar

This is Firepaw and Bluestar

Warrior Cats -- Graystripe by SoooThisIsArt----Wow on DeviantArt

Warrior Cats -- Graystripe by SoooThisIsArt----Wow on DeviantArt and likeget some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Welcome to Dark Forest

Warriors fan-art Random cat from Clan, Tigerstar and random Dark Forest cats. Commission Characters © Erin Hunter SAI Welcome to Dark Forest

Breezestar she-cat mate: Clawslash kits: Snowpaw, Lavenderpaw siblings: Slash apprentice: Beachpaw lives left: 7 ~Me~

Blossomfur~she cat~shy, adventurous, loving, happy~no mate~no kits~came to clan because she killed a medicine cat

Warrior+Cats+Ravenpaw | Post by Ravenpaw on May 29, 2011 7:40:09 GMT -5

Ravenpaw is my total favourite. I cry for hours when I come to the end of Ravenpaw's Farwell where he dies. I love you Ravenpaw!

Warrior cat poem contest!!!you have to write a poem then have a drawing of that cat by it!! Ends next saturday!!

Aw I love Ashfur. Squirrelflight was so harsh to him! First of all, she made it look like she was gonna be with him but the Brambleclaw came along and bye bye Ashfur! Then Hollyleaf kills him and she doesn't even get punished!

Here is my entry for the contest! :3 Art by: FantasyFox

A cat creature thing! Art by: FantasyFox

Nice hunt by hioming.deviantart.com on @deviantART

First contest, yay! Draw your character hunting. For the winner I will draw a fullbody of their character with a white or any color background. Contest ends Saturday, December If you need more time than that please tell me!