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“Muke kills me. 5 Seconds of Summer”

Right when I read tour dog I was like aww Calum is probably so happy

Right when I read tour dog I was like aww Calum is probably so happy

anyone else give it a thought that in every pic they all do something different like one shows teeth one doesnt then one just looks away and one with their tounge and UGH THEM

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5 Seconds of Summer pose for a photoshoot in Paris, France. June 2014 AWW Calum's trying to look like Ashton!

5SOS in a nutshell>> Hahaha yes>>> No you're not Mikey you're too cute

Fuck u guys. I'm leaving too A: Hey don't swear! I'm punk rock. A: Just because u are wearing eyeliner doesn't make u punk rock. C: You have pink hair

This literally describes me in some of them here (except that I'm not from Australian and don't have a dog )

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Meet Michael in Teen Now Magazine!<<< the best thing that happened to him Michael said was hair dye.

Okay so I'm listening to the radio and amnesia cam on and even the radio guy (host?) said 5 sauce. So fans that say 5 es-oh-es have no excuse

Beth) some of my favorite lyrics: *sings perfectly* And even though your friends tell me you're doin fine, are you somewhere feeling lonely even though he's right beside you? When he says those words that hurt you, do you read the ones i wrote you?