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Wolves our my favorite animal and i will soon have a wolf tattoo and this may be the one or something similar...might add my own artistic flare. (comment from previous pinner)

Wolf Tattoos And Meanings-Wolf Tattoo Designs And Ideas- some of these are really ugly but I like this one, to represent the old Native American legend of the two wolves inside us, good and evil.

Virgin Suicides quote!! This used to be my favorite saying! <3

fuckyeahtattoos: my virgin suicides tattoo. it’s my favorite book of all time and this quote has always stuck with me.

Microdermals are very popular piercings right now, but I think there is a lot of misconception about them. So, let's clear it up a bit. WHAT ARE THEY? A microdermal anchor, known by many names such...

Microdermal Anchors

Dermal-Anchor - I'm posting this to show people how Dermals because I am asked about it constantly! Your skin grows into the holes in the jewelry so it doesn't move around/ reject from your body