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mech http://25.media.tumblr.com/7d1098e6e25b6dd7a68cb12d9bb1305f/tumblr_n1xztvzea31qdkeiao1_1280.jpg

“ by Crashmgn ( NATO reporting name: swashbuckler) Type: Main battle mech Place of origin: Russia In service: 2031 – present Designer: Kartsev-Venediktov Manufacturer:.

留园网-Cyborg是男人的浪漫:将北野武“雷电”化 (99图) -6park.com

Fembot by Darren Bartley fightPUNCH- About I saw a Die Antwoord Dr Dre Beats ad, it inspired me to create this. sci-fi, robot, cyborg, cyberpunk by Darren Bartley


The leathers i would need to go for a ride on a sports bike these days Lol Could hide it under a Leather jacket and pants :)

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Irobot "The Robot Collective" - Limited Edition Art Print by Dawn… 50 Best Futuristic Robot Models and Character Design… Anyone

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Robot Hand by Rofelrolf on deviantART art exo armor arm cyber suit sci-fi

Robot hiper-realista

Robot hiper-realista