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This is so true and funny

That awkward moment when you realize that you just punished your kid for acting exactly like you. Sorry mini me.

Omg, I think this all the time! Lol!

Funny Confession Ecard: next time someone tells me to expect the unexpected I'm going to punch them in the face & ask if they expected that.

I'm still waiting for the day when I use x² y 8 [(x 2y ² = a-z] 2x ³ (- 2z = 2. 4) 10y - 5Z ³= k= 9 in real life. | Confession Ecard | someecards.com

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: I don't want to fold my laundry. So I'll restart the dryer.in a row.

I seriously laughed out loud! laughter-is-the-best-medicine

"Of course gay men dress well. They didn't spend all that time in the closet doing nothing" - YOUR ECARDS - funny

Check mate!

Marajuana is legalized and Twinkies go bankrupt all in the same mouth.We played America.

I Don’t Know How To Act My Age.

Hilarious Pictures of the day, 99 pics. I Don't Know How To Act My Age. I Never Been This Age Before

Paying for Technical Debt

Willy Wonka is a rather condescending fellow. Willy Wonka shares a few truths about life in a condescending way in this hilarious Willy Wonka meme picture collection.

this is what happens to me every single day of my freaking life #dentalhumor

Teeth Comic Series

Funny pictures about Teeth Comic Series. Oh, and cool pics about Teeth Comic Series. Also, Teeth Comic Series photos.

So true. Nice thought to remember when someone insults you, rather than letting it rent space in your head.

True, but it still kinda hurts when someone knows your weak spots :c