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Angelic Accents: Vintage Wedding Gowns

Lily Elsie was a popular English actress and singer during the Edwardian era, best known for her Pretty hair jewelry and necklace. Looks a lot like Rachel Weisz


Lily Elsie, the Edwardian Theatre actress, in Lucile costume, 1907 "The Merry Widow" costume by Lucile Ltd, Lady Duff Gordon

Stick Art Studio work by Corinne Perez, Directora Mufe españa


The stunning Maude Fealy - was a star of the Edwardian stage and silent films. She had a tempestuous love life that included several marriages and a lesbian affair. This beautiful portrait is from a vintage postcard.

bohémienne vintage                                                       …

Best Hairstyle For Wedding Party

Ziegfeld Girl: Myrna Darby ~ Performed in Ziegfeld's musicals" No Foolin'" "Rio Rita" "Rosalie" and "Whoopee" – Also performed in The Ziegfeld Follies of 1925 and Photo: Alfred Cheney Johnston.


Beautiful vintage girl with flowers child model of yesteryear Grete Reinwald, real photo postcard.

Картинная галерея Анны Варвик

Lily Elsie, le Belle Epoque Beauty in my series Beauties of le Belle Epoque - Sanctuaries, Dreams and Shadows - Art, Poetry, Vintage Images - Zimbio

Old Meg she was a Gypsy & lived upon the moors; Her bed it was the brown heath turf, & her home was out of doors... ~ Keats

“she walked quickly through the darkness with the frank stride of someone who was at least certain that the forest, on this damp and windy night, contained strange and terrible things and she was it.