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Tattoo Model Katy Gold , Photo By Hanja Li At Inspiration Photodesign & Visual Art.

Sexy Sleeve Tattoo Girl iPhone 5 Wallpaper | Photography Prisms

We love full sleeve tattoos on women, so of course this is one of our favorite galleries! Click through to see some tattoos of women with full sleeve tattoos.

hope ur wifi dies.leg tattoo for fashion girls.   #tattoo #girls #leg www.loveitsomuch.com

33 Perfect Places For A Tattoo

Tattoos based on books are a beautiful way of keeping our favorite literary memories, characters, and quotes alive even after we've turned the last page. We've rounded up some artistic interpretations of famous works. Read 'em and weep!

Read 'Em and Weep! 49 Tattoos Inspired by Famous Books

The things we read in the books we love often stay with us for a long time, but for some, they stay forever — literally. Tattoos based on books are a