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Podcast: Careers In Legal Cannabis Industry

David Bernstein joins the JenningsWire Podcast Series to discuss the growing careers in the cannabis industry.


Ronnie Ray Jenkins joins the JenningsWire Podcast Series to discuss how he keeps readers' imaginations alive and well through his novels and short stories.

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Podcast: Well-Sibling Syndrome

Marx and his sister playing in the kingdom when they were younger as depicted in chapter 10 of Shadow's Edge

Podcast: Living Simple, Free And Happy

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your home, your schedule or finances? Meet Cristin Frank, author of Living Simple, Free and Happy.

Podcast: Highly Sensitive Kids  Annie Jennings PR presents JenningsWire blogger and award winning author, Maureen Healy, on what you can do to raise your sensitive child into a happy and wholesome one.

Tips to Keep Your Family Safe during the Holiday Season - Epic Health Services

Podcast: Parents! Learn How To Embrace Defiance

We know school mornings get crazy . like 1638264 things going on at once crazy. We've got a handful of tried-and-true, stress-free morning hacks to help you make it through.

Podcast: From Gloomy to ZESTY

AnnieJennings PR JenningsWire podcaster, Linda Babulic, explains her definition of zest and how it can offer women everywhere the confidence and happiness they deserve