@Eleanor Smith Calder honestly no one will ever be as lovley as you and @Danielle Lampert Peazer! :)

Eleanor ur sooo amazing,beautiful, and nice! Ur so nice to talk to u!we should chat!

D'awwh how precious <3 Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder <3

Lou and Eleanor! They are such an adorable couple. How anyone could hate either of them I'll never understand!

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Eleanor is always so heart felt. She is truly a Directioner and DEFFINETLY deserves Louis. I loove Louis, but he has a girlfriend, but as long as he is happy with Elenour, I'm happy.

She is so gorgeous. If you don't think so, than you're just a jealous hater

Its like the girlfriend club is all gorgeous and talented and shit, and I'm just ugly and I'm proud :p -Lxx

I hate his gf but .....let's except this sour truth

I hate his gf but .let's except this sour truth <<< okay i hate her too but thats only bc louis is my baby and i want him but eleanor makes him happy and im glad

This is seriously the most precious thing in the all of ever.

Harry Styles' fact<<good that's really good cuz since I'm gonna marry him he's gotta be able to take care of the bugs in my house I ain't doin that

Louis and Eleanor at the V festival

Louis and Eleanor at the V festival. I am OBSESSED with El's boots! And I love how Lou is wearing boots too:)

Elounor for the win

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louis and eleanor look like fucking siblings how can you ship something like that? its just disgusting